Britt Engineering – Originator of Engineered Pipe Supports for Fiberglass Pipe

If you’re looking for the creators of the original Britt Pipe Support, you’ve come to the right place. Britt Engineering is the developer of the first complete family of supports for FRP pipe and ducts. The ‘Britt Support’ is synonymous with high-quality pipe supports. Frank Britt and his team of specialists work to continually improve their industry-leading products, enlarging their family of products to meet virtually any specifications and requirements.

Britt Engineering offers complete design services for auxiliary steel to insure support loads are carried to supporting structures or to the ground. Our experience in specialized composite applications – like the large FRP lightning arrestors installed at three launch pads at the Kennedy Space Flight Center – means that we can offer unique solutions that cover all physical layers of major construction projects.

Read more about Frank and our team on the About Us page. Our Services page describes Britt Engineering’s past performance, and provides lists of our current offerings. When you are ready to discuss your project with our team, head over to the Contact Page and let us know what we can do for you.

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