Britt Engineering offers multiple professional services for the construction industry. 


In the early 70’s, when the use of FRP piping was rapidly expanding in process industries, premature failures nearly killed the fledgling market. Frank Britt, a dedicated engineer with broad experience in stress analysis, assisted a major resin producer in the development of design procedures that virtually eliminated failures and increased service life. These same design procedures were applied to tanks, ducting, and hoods with equal success. For over two decades Britt Engineering has continued to use and teach the same procedures with documented success.


Frank Britt developed FRP pipe support standards almost 20 years ago and continues to manufacture supports that have proven to eliminate failures in FRP piping systems. Many improvements have been incorporated into the latest designs to provide extended corrosion resistance, ease of installation and reduced cost. Since pipe outside diameters are nonstandard for FRP, Britt Engineering insures that fit up is matched to the pipe fabricators tolerance. Our design and manufacturing techniques insure that the support provides the best possible fit while maintaining the support profile over the design load range. Where standards do not meet the specified requirements, Britt Engineering will assist in the design and manufacture of all specials. Load ratings will be established to insure support integrity.

Tanks, Hoods, Pipes

Britt Engineering can assist you with obtaining several competitive quotes for your project. Since we do not represent any manufacturer, we can be sure to acquire the most competitive pricing for your equipment according to your specifications. We save you the time and hassle of researching suppliers. If you need a specification, Britt Engineering can write or assist you with specs for tanks, pipe, duct, hoods and scrubbers. With a specification, you can be assured of getting what is needed for your project. A generic product might not be compatible with the project.


Not all supports are equal. Over the years Britt Engineering has seen many “look alike” supports in the field. The competition can build adequate supports, but their lack of experience and quality is evident in these photos. Proper fit-up to the pipe is a requirement for proper installation. If this condition is not met, there will be an increased probability of system failure.


Britt Engineering can provide quality products to meet your process requirements. A single source supplier, we can provide all your fabrication needs, including Precision Metalworking (Plate, Piping, Supports), Thermal Machining (Flame & Plasma Cutting), Carbon Steel and Alloy Welding, and application of Specialized Coating Systems.

Stress Analysis

Stress analysis and design of piping systems is a specialty at Britt Engineering. We have extensive experience in the highly corrosive areas of Process Plants and Paper Mills. These areas dictate the use of special materials to provide exceptional service life. Britt Engineering has assisted many clients in the selection of the most cost effective material available.

The design of a complete piping system goes far beyond stress analysis and requires the integration of the piping into the structural elements of the process building. Britt Engineering support standards make the design of supplementary steel much easier reducing the total amount of steel required. With experience in tank and pipe design we insure that piping loads are not just “dumped” onto the tank nozzles. Dynamic failures become a thing of the past.

Computer analysis, CAD, and finite element techniques meet the latest code requirements for piping and tanks. Our design goals are to provide the most reliable system possible and to insure compliance with your requirements, codes and regulations.

Power Industry

Britt Engineering manufactures the Omega Arm, a 100% composite, UV-resistant arm for dead-end and tangent applications. The Omega Arm uses one standard gain plate and standard bolting; no special washers or load plates needed. It comes in Standard and Heavy Duty models, in standard lengths from 62″ to 144″. Bracing is not required, and the Omega Arm comes pre-drilled or can be field drilled. With no rot, insect, or woodpecker problems, the Omega Arm is the last line hanging arm you’ll buy.

Inspection Services

The Britt Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Inspection Program provides an outstanding QA & QC Program that gives peace-of-mind to users of FRP products. Britt Engineering is trained and experienced with all requirements for FRP design, manufacture, testing and inspection. We provide inspection services for Tanks, Scrubbers, Strippers, Ducting, Hoods, Elevated and Buried Piping, Dual Laminates, and Secondary (Dual) Containment Systems.

Testing Services include:

  • ASTM, ASME Mechanical Properties
  • Ultrasonic – FRP and Steel
  • Acoustic Emission
  • Hydrostatic
  • Special testing for design verification

We also offer the following Field Services:

  • Vendor Qualification
  • Vendor Inspection / QA-QC
  • Field Engineering and Design
  • Installation Assistance
  • Failure Analysis / Failure Prevention
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • Field Repair
  • Coatings


FRP Certification Program: The success of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) piping systems is highly dependent on the quality of the field joints. The Britt Engineering training and certification program is designed to enable pipefitters to properly apply butt and strap joints to piping systems of various diameters. This class provides hands on training and testing for each student.  Upon successful completion of the training course, the pipefitter receives a Certificate of Training.