Pipe Supports For FRP Pipes, Ducts, Steel Pipes & HDPE Pipes

In the early 70′s, when the use of Fiberglass piping was rapidly expanding in process industries, premature failures nearly ended the fledgling market. Frank Britt, a mechanical engineer with broad experience in pipe stress analysis, assisted a major resin producer and FRP pipe manufacturer to develop the first design procedures and a complete family of pipe supports for FRP pipe. FRP piping failures were virtually eliminated and the full service life of FRP pipe could finally be achieved.

This focus on stress analysis allows our supports to perform excellently with Fiberglass & HDPE piping.

For more than two decades, Britt Engineering (now merged into Power Composites) has produced these supports and has focused on piping and structural design of FRP pipe and duct supports. Our emphasis has always been:

  • Matching supports to exact FRP pipe properties
  • Minimize pipe stress to insure long service life
  • Eliminate start up and premature failures
  • Minimize initial and installed cost
  • Insure optimum fit of pipe and support
  • Support quality that complements the long service life of FRP pipe, and steel pipe.
  • Rubber lined with DERF rubber to prevent chafing – expanding the size range to accommodate large diameter pipe and ducts up to 35 feet.

Engineered Pipe Supports – Standard & Custom

Pipe Component Support Anchor

Pipe Cradle Supports

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